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Adventures in bacon

“Hi my name is Emma and I like bacon*…”

I’m not really sure when I started liking bacon so much and I find it fascinating that about 3-4 years ago it was suddenly the ‘cool’ food to eat. I grew up eating some big US corp brand of bacon that we could get in Hong Kong. Odds are it was Hormel or Oscar Mayer or something along those lines. They were fatty salty slices that my Mom would portion out for our Sunday breakfasts along with our pancakes or french toast.

All through college and honestly until recently I didn’t put that much thought into bacon quality. I grew up with it being a certain low quality breakfast meat so whatever was on sale at the grocery store when I went shopping would work. I just didn’t care. Then during my bakery days I got to try some applewood smoked bacon and OMG I was in heaven. This was also when I learned about ovenbaking my bacon and I don’t think I’ve panfried a slice since then. This bacon was hearty and packed full of flavor without being overly salty or fatty.

Over the years I’ve tried different brands, some I’ve liked, some I’ve relegated to flavoring soups or stews but more recently I’ve been toying with making my own. I blame PurpleHouseDirt and the plethora of amazing books and blogs out there that keep inspiring me.

I will stop blabbering on about bacon for now but I will be posting soon about my bacon results. I’m now the proud owner of the Manual of the Traditional Bacon Curer cookbook by Maynard Davies (best ordered from the Book Depository in UK since it is scarce and expensive in the US).

Oh and soon I will have to tell you about my adventures with cheesemaking.

* as much as I like bacon I feel no need to own bacon perfume/vodka/beer/soap etc. Ick.


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