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Time to catch up

Apparently I haven’t felt the need to blog. Believe it isn’t because of a lack of projects or stuff going on, mostly by the time I try to write down what happened and take photos the desire to share has passed me by.  Here is a quick rundown of what’s been going on since my last update.

Discovered that the 5 min artisan bread recipe makes tasty naan, especially if you pan fry it in ghee. Yeah that was a good AND bad discovery.
Tossed my first attempt at blue cheese. The Fourme d’Ambert was just scary, I don’t have enough cheese mold skills to recognize ‘mmm tasty’ from ‘have fun at the ER’ mold. The cheese was tossed and the waxed wheels of farmhouse cheddar and the cooler were sanitized just to be sure.
Found a recipe for Sticky Toffee Pudding Bars and then promptly made it 3 times within a week with minor modifications each time. Second attempt was the best but the third attempt with cupcakes was pretty good.
Made a couple batches of a Chinese pork jerky (Long Kok) which is pretty damn close to the stuff I ate as a kid in HK. It’s a little time consuming but way cheaper than the $20+/lb price you can expect to pay in the US.

I finished the Honey Cowl in Malabrigo, somehow managing to not only make it a mobius but a double one at that by twisting the first row twice. Cast off just as temps in Seattle warmed up of course.
Took a break from knitting in order to save my hands from permanent damage. Managed to knit 1 dishcloth @ Madrona but have put the rest of the yarn away for the foreseeable future.

Finished the old bobbin of grey sweater yarn leftover from 2011 TdF. 8 down, 5 more to go.

LTQ ready for quilting. Am hoping to get estimates on longarm quilting services before I admit I’m too cheap to do anything but try do it myself on the Singer. Will post about this in detail later.

2 raised planter boxes have been built using pine crates from the craft store and 15″ table legs from the nearest building supply store. A few coats of sealant, some old burlap coffee bags as liners and I have some raised beds for my balcony. I’m still keeping my plots of the community garden so these boxes are mostly for herbs and pretties.

Sammy is slowly adjusting to being an only kitty, he is more affectionate and more needy than before but we are muddling through the loss of Nicki together. If and when the time is right we might become a family of 3 again but for now I’m taking advantage of the chance to bond more closely with Sammy than I had before.


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All the fabric, fiber and yarn have been packed up due to an upcoming move. Unfortunately Tour de Fleece  (Rav link) starts the same weekend as the move which may throw a wrench in my plans of participating for the 4th year in a row.

My every waking (and sometimes non-waking) moments are occupied with figuring out how to de-clutter in record time and still find time to shop for a new bed so I have somewhere to sleep besides the couch.I come from a long line of pack-rats so moving is an incredibly stressful and long process.

I’ll be back later to post about the June Daring Bakers challenge but don’t expect too much from this already quiet blog until after the 4th. I promise to show good stuff once I’m back. I even have a new toy that I need to show off too 🙂

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Welcome to CookCraftGrow!

I should start off the first post of the new blog with some info from my “About Me” page.

“I used to be a Knitter. Then I was a Knitter who baked. Then I was a Knitter who baked and gardened. I could go on and on but ultimately I became someone who couldn’t settle on just one hobby.

I live in a townhouse with a tiny backyard and for 8 years now I’ve rented 2 plots at my local community garden.

I still knit…a lot, but now I also spin, crochet, sew and embroider. I would weave but I’ve run out of room in my house.

I will never stop baking, whether it’s bread or pastries I can’t imagine not being a baker. Only now I’m pushing my traditional cooking skills to include charcuterie, canning and brewing.”

What does all that mean? Well after several years of posting on my knitting focused blog I started to realize I had less to say about knitting and more about the food I was growing and cooking. I needed a new home for my experiences.

That is where CookCraftGrow comes in. It encompasses everything that currently consumes my life right now. One day it might be the bread of the month, the next day my latest sewing project and next week it might be all about the kohlrabi growing in the garden.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you decide to come back and see what trouble I get into.

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